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Top Five Reasons to Use IGUANA GONE® All-Natural Iguana Repellent vs. Competing Iguana Repellents:

1. IGUANA GONE® is ALL-NATURAL, CHEMICAL-FREE and PESTICIDE-FREE. It is not harmful to humans, pets or the environment. There's no chemical, pesticide or other ingredient residues left behind on your lawn, flowers, fruits, or patio. Other products simply "coat" your plants with herb flavor and scent residues to which hungry iguanas inevitably become immune.

2. IGUANA GONE® is HUMANE and not harmful to iguanas or other wildlife. It does NOT kill, it only repels. There are no stinky, dead iguanas to worry about.

3. IGUANA GONE® does NOT contain garlic, pepper or other herbs. Remember, IGUANAS ARE HERBIVORES. That means, they eat plants. Though garlic, onions and peppers may be toxic to iguanas in large amounts, iguanas are stubborn and will still eat them. Smelly and unsavory herb repellents offered by competing products will only work in the short-term to "harass" iguanas, but in time, they become immune to the smell and/or taste. Worse yet, herb-based products may ultimately ATTRACT MORE hungry iguanas looking for food as they associate these "new" scents and tastes with food. Iguana Gone is different and is an iguana repellent that actually works to gets rid of iguanas for good!

4. IGUANA GONE® doesn't "harass" iguanas with smelly or unsavory scents like other products do, instead it COMPELS them to leave by triggering "acute stress response" — or "flight response." This is a physiological response, not a superficial response: IGUANAS INSTINCTIVELY SENSE A THREAT and stay away. 

5. An ounce of IGUANA GONE® GOES A LONG WAY. One $59.95 bottle of our concentrated IGUANA GONE® formula will OUTLAST and OUTPERFORM 10 bottles of competing sprays and repellents. (Bottom line, you get what you pay for.)