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It Works 

Posted 12/25/17

Product: IGUANA GONE® 16oz Bottle w/Sprayer & 10 Pack Scent Strips 
Posted By: ROBBIE
Nothing ever worked before. I was very skeptical. It took two months but now I never see an Iguana on my property. My Hibiscus has over thirty flowers on it. 
I won and the Iguanas lost, on my second bottle, I never even saw a Hibiscus flower before, now there is a profusion of them. 

Posted by committed user Nov 4 2017

I love this product! I'm convinced the success I have had is directly due to Iguana Gone. I don't expect to rid the entire yard of iguanas (impossible) but I am able to protect my precious hibiscus from being decimated! There is no doubt in my mind that these pests are extremely hesitant to come near the strips placed near my special plants.

Posted by Marc on Jul 9th 2017

"I've only been using for one week, early indications are it is working, but is a little early to tell. The first day I put out when I came back the next day I was missing, missing?? two of the stakes/scent strips. I found them in about fifty feet away. How did they get there?? Since I restored them, no more have gone missing.
At this point I recommend the product, would give five stars if I had been using longer and could give better confirmation.

Seller; possums will sometimes remove the stakes because they think it is food they will stop once they realize it is not food."


Really works

Posted by Cheryl on May 17th 2017

"I noticed a decline of seeing the Iguana's within the first couple of days. I've used it now for a couple of weeks and they are still gone. I figured out if you put the sprayer on the bottle up close to the strips near the top, the liquid flows down and uses less and still works. Love this stuff. So worth the money."


Iguana Diminish

Posted by Steve Roman on May 2nd 2017

"Seems to have decreased the iguana sightings and droppings, but one bottle barely lasts a week, not the month advertised"


Stinky Good

Posted by Matthew Pictrowski on Apr 10th 2017

"We just started utilizing Iguana Gone. With its' fragrance, I can see why Iguanas do not want to stick around.
Scent stick easy to use, and at this point it appears to be working. (The initial odor of the product is not too offensive and does not deter us from using the yard.)"


Gone in one day

Posted by Bennett on Dec 22nd 2016

"It seems to be too good to be true, but the 4 iguanas that lived under our pool deck are gone after one day and the use of half a bottle of Iguana Gone. I can't quite believe that the product worked so easily and quickly. We went from having iguana poop on my neighbor's patio to NO POOP in one day.I thought it was very expensive but I guess you get what you pay for."


"Other products simply 'harass' iguanas with a smelly scent to which they will inevitably become immune, since iguanas are herbivores, and herb-based products, by their very nature, will ultimately attract more than they repel. IGUANA GONE® however, affects the physiology of the iguana, triggering inherent 'acute stress response' or 'flight response.' Though harmless, iguanas sense an immediate threat and are instinctively COMPELLED to stay away. As a solution, it's quite remarkable in it's simplicity."-- Molecular Physiology Laboratory, Baker Medical Research Institute

"We are professional exterminators with over 3,000 customers who look to us for answers to all their pest problems and we consider ourselves a full service solve any pest problem company but Iguanas were a problem we had no answer to until we started using Iguana Gone. Iguana Gone is a very effective repellent that keeps iguanas and curly tailed lizards under control and we are pleased to provide this valuable service to our customers. --Sam Eferstein, Owner, Rebel Exterminators

"We maintain over 100 customers lawns and landscaping in Fort Lauderdale and many have been very frustrated with iguanas in their yards destroying their flowering plants and defecating on pool decks and patios but since using IGUANA GONE they are no longer frustrated." -- Jerry Brinson Lawn Service, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"IGUANA GONE is the only effective iguana deterrent I have used that really works and I have tried them all. My customers have complained for years about iguanas pooping in their pools and on their decks. My company services pools and spas in the South Florida market and we are glad to have finally found a solution to a major problem." -- Monte Stickel, Coral Shores Pool Service, Ft Lauderdale, FL

"This stuff really works we have been free of iguana’s for 3 months i watch them come and then go once they pick up the scent it happens quickly. pool and deck clean and bougainvillea blooming like mad. We will use this product for as long as we live here because it is impossible to go back to iguana’s ruining our back yard and pool. I believe others will feel the same way nothing else works." -- Richard, Pompano Beach, FL