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“They’re a threat that people don’t realize. They’re like a plague of locusts.”
Police Save the Life (of an Exotic Lizard) That Maybe They Shouldn't Have. - Miami Herald

"Herb-based repellents may actually ATTRACT iguanas instead of repelling them."
Why Herb-Based Iguana Repellents are the Worst Thing to Use

New Iguana Repellent Taking Back South Florida Backyards
Twelve Tips to Rid Your Yard of Iguanas
Dealing with Iguanas in the South Florida Landscape
 - University of Florida
Iguana Invasion: Exotic Pets Gone Wild in Florida
Feral Iguanas in Florida
Florida's Exotic Wildlife: Non-Native Iguanas - Florida Wildlife Commission
Iguanas: Little Godzillas - June 29, 2014
Exotic Lizards a South Florida Nuisance - The Miami Planet, Oct. 10, 2011