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 How is your product different than herb based repellants?  Iguanas are herbivores, and herb-based products actually attract more than they repel; herb based repellants are like salad dressing to the iguana.


How long will it take to see results?   The time it takes to become effective will vary depending upon the infestation.  Iguanas are territorial and it may take 3-5 weeks of using Iguana Gone before the iguanas are repelled from the site, but we have seen results in as little as 2 weeks.  Keep in mind iguanas multiply at an exponential rate, so new ones will visit your location, but the Iguana Gone scent should encourage them to move elsewhere.


 All of the iguanas have left the area, but now I am seeing new ones – why?  Iguanas that leave the area due to the stress of Iguana Gone, in most cases, will not return.  Like cockroaches, iguanas are breeding exponentially and, as with cockroaches, it is imperative to continue to treat the area so other iguanas do not get comfortable.  Female iguanas lay up to 200 eggs a year for up to 15 years so it is impossible to treat the area just once and permanently solve the problem;  just like you cannot spray for cockroaches once and permanently solve the problem.


 How does your product work? Iguana Gone works at the molecular level by putting molecules in the air that the iguana senses with their tongue and affects them at the physiology level thus stressing them into a fight or flight mode. 


 Does your product kill iguanas?  No, Iguana Gone is a totally safe product for people, pets, plants and the environment.  It is so safe, it does not even harm the iguana.


Do iguanas carry diseases?  Yes, iguanas are known to carry salmonella in their feces which is dangerous to both people and pets.


 Why do I need the scent strips?  Can’t I just spray the product in my yard?  The scent strips hold the Iguana Gone liquid for up to 7 days and continually put molecules in the air that the iguana senses.  We do not recommend applying to the plants because you would have to apply daily, which would be a waste of the product.  The scent strip allows for the air molecule to be released, where as the plants would absorb the liquid and be far less effective.


 Are the products safe for my children, pets and the environment?  Yes because Iguana Gone is a 100% natural product it is totally benign and safe for all living creatures including plants.


 How much product do I need to purchase? One order of Iguana Gone will cover 10 areas where the iguanas frequent and last 1 month, if you have 5 areas the product will last 2 months.  Large communities should focus the product on specific areas such as pools and club houses.  It is impossible to control very large areas due to the cost and magnitude of the problem.


Can’t I just call an exterminator or kill the iguanas?  Iguanas are protected by cruelty to animal laws.  There are companies that will catch and remove iguanas and are required to kill them humanely; however, you really have no assurance they do not let them go as soon as they leave your property.  Trapping can become quite costly because you have to pay per iguana.  Iguana Gone is much more humane than trapping and euthanizing.  Killing an animal is painful to most people and can be very upsetting especially when you have to remove the dead or dying animal from your property.  Iguanas are here to stay and simply shooting them would be an endless, difficult task.


 Will the spray kill my plants?  No, Iguana Gone is totally safe for plants.


 What if it rains on my scent strips?  Rain and sprinkler systems will wash the liquid out of the scent strip.  We suggest keeping the scent strip away from sprinkler systems and in the shade, as much as possible, to keep the liquid from washing or drying out.  If the scent pad turns to a bright white color, then you will need to reapply the liquid.

 Does Iguana Gone eliminate iguanas?  No, Iguana Gone can only control them by reducing their presence on your property.  Iguanas are impossible to eliminate or to keep them from coming back to your property because of the infestation in South Florida.  They will reappear, but should not stay long because they will fear the space they are in. Since Iguanas come and go sales are final.