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Thank you for your interest in IGUANA GONE® All-Natural Iguana Repellent. IGUANA GONE® is an all-natural, chemical-free, pesticide-free iguana repellent that's safe to humans, pets and the environment. It is specially-formulated repellent to deter Florida's iguanas and has been proven to work over years of research and testing.

Iguana Repellent for Miami, For Lauderdale, FL & more

In Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami, DelRay Beach & Key West, FL as well as Puerto Rico, the Caribbean & more, the population explosion of nuisance iguanas has become an epidemic. These wild — or "feral"— beasts pose a major threat to humans and pets, homes and landscaping, and infrastructure. They are taking over backyards, parks and public areas rendering them unenjoyable. They are contaminating decks, porches and swimming pools with their slime and poop -- both of which carry harmful bacteria including salmonella. They are destroying landscaping, digging holes and eating flowers and fruits. Their digging  also compromises and destroys foundations, retaining walls, sidewalks and seawalls. Homeowners and businesses in the affected areas spend thousands of dollars trying to get rid of iguanas and fixing the damage and problems caused by them. And with female iguanas laying 80 eggs, three times a year, the problem only gets worse and worse.

How do you get rid of feral iguanas? You can try killing them but then you're left with stinky, dead iguanas to dispose of, only to have more iguanas quickly move into the area and take their place. You can build walls, but they just climb over. You can try bird spikes, but they have no effect on iguanas' armor-like skin. Then there's a variety of pet control products and chemicals you can try, but none of them seem to work. 

At IGUANA GONE®, we found something that DOES work. After years of research, development and testing, we have created a product that's proven to repel iguanas. Our specially-formulated IGUANA GONE® All-Natural Iguana Repellent immediately triggers a flight-response in iguanas, causing them to leave a treated area as quickly as they arrived. Rather than treating an entire yard with a chemical or pesticide, you simply apply all-natural IGUANA GONE® to the areas where iguanas are seen, or frequent. Once applied, they simply stay away. It doesn't harm or kill them, it just keeps them away — and continues to keep them away for as long as you use it. If you live in any area with iguanas, especially anywhere in Florida, you will want this iguana repellent to stop these invasive lizards. 

IGUANA GONE® contains all organic, all natural ingredients. No chemicals. No pesticides. It's totally safe for humans, pets and the environment, it's humane, it's easy-to-apply, and best of all, IT REALLY WORKS.

So take back your backyard! Send those pesky iguanas packing with IGUANA GONE® All-Natural Iguana Repellent that works here in Florida and throughout the US. It's only available online, via this website. It's not sold in stores, so accept no imitations!

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