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Instructions for Use

Thank you for your purchase of IGUANA GONE® All-Natural Iguana Repellent. These instructions will take you step-by-step through the process of setting up your IGUANA GONE® spray bottle and SCENT STRIPS so you can then apply IGUANA GONE® properly for instant results! Before we get started, let's make sure you have everything you need to use your iguana control spray:

(For best results, we recommend using IGUANA GONE® with our IGUANA GONE® SCENT STRIPS.)

How to Apply IGUANA GONE® in Three Steps:

1. Set-up your IGUANA GONE® spray bottle. (Do this OUTSIDE.) Carefully remove the white cap from your 16oz bottle of IGUANA GONE®. Be careful not to spill any or get any on you, because it STINKS! If you do, quickly wash your hands or the area it touched with soap and water. Next, attach the sprayer hose to the sprayer head (if not already attached), insert sprayer hose into bottle and then tighten sprayer head to bottle. You might want to give it a test spray into a safe direction (so you don't get any on you or anything else) just to make sure it works. You are now ready to use IGUANA GONE®.

2. Set-up your IGUANA GONE® SCENT STRIPS. Your IGUANA GONE® SCENT STRIPS kit includes: 10 scent strips, 10 wooden ground steaks and 10 twist-ties. To set up SCENT STRIPS, first line up the hole of your SCENT STRIP with the hole on your ground stake. Insert a twist-tie through both holes, about half-way. Twist one end of the twist-tie around both the scent strip and the ground stake clockwise twice, and wrap the other twist-tie counter-clockwise twice, then twist the two twist-tie ends together to secure the strip firmly to the ground stake. Repeat this process for all of your SCENT STRIPS. They are now ready to use. Click here for a video.

3. Apply IGUANA GONE® as directed. Place a SCENT STRIP in an area where you have seen iguanas or where iguanas frequent. Point your spray bottle at the SCENT STRIP and spray. Saturate the SCENT STRIP completely. Re-saturate SCENT STRIPS daily until iguanas are gone. Continue using product even if no iguanas are seen as they may quickly return and to deter new iguanas that might be moving into the area. Click here for a video.


One bottle of IGUANA GONE® and 10-PACK IGUANA GONE® SCENT STRIPS will control a minimum of ten iguana areas.

If you have any questions about IGUANA GONE® products or their application, feel free to email customer service at or use this form. We also welcome your feedback and testimonials!